The Diamond in the Rough


Is stress bad?

I can think of many times when the situations around me seemed insurmountable, maybe you can relate?

It turns or that no matter where you are in life, there will be pressures that you have to inevitably face and overcome. That’s part of growing up in life.

Maybe you spent all day getting ready for a much anticipated event and you get a flat tire on the highway, although you could easily call a reputable towing service such asĀ, it could still potentially put a damper on your day

Maybe you can reflect back on a time on some of the best things that happened to you in life, I’ve found from personal experience that new plateaus of growth and opportunity usually stem from time spent outside of your comfort zone.

As we can use the analogy of the diamond that undergoes pressure to be birthed from it’s raw stages, into a brilliant radiant beacon of beauty and reflective light, so can we also realize that no matter the situation, it can be used to further refine our lives.

How do you deal with stress?

I firmly believe that everyone can find their own unique way to deal with their life’s difficulties.

One inevitable reality that we have to consider when having this discussion is that we have to realize is that we will have to evaluate the company we keep and those we spend our precious time with.

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular adage “Misery Lives Company”

Well it’s absolutely true, you can’t expect to effectively deal with your pressures in life if you are consistently keeping company with those who are miserable, therefore engaging in negative conversation that deflates your spirits and keeps your mind in a negative cycle.

Another factor that has helped me, is unplugging from the fast pace of life and it’s responsibilities and spending time meditating either in silence or while listening to my music jams.

Music is So powerful as it has the ability to move our hearts, minds, and emotional state, therefore potentially clearing our thoughts enough to be creative and proactive about whatever the situation is that caused stress.

Another often overlooked factor is dealing with stress that I’ve observed in life, is that we have to take care of our bodies and make it priority to feed it proper nourishment, drink adequate water, and show ourselves to rest properly.

Which brings me to my next point…

Is Your Life Set up To Stress Out?

So many times I’ve either talked to other individuals, or checked myself in my own life and found that we live in culture that makes it so easy to fill our lives with doing this,,, going there,,, being that,,, that we can realize that we are sacrificing peace of mind and a healthy balance.

Spend time with your family, show somebody some love, pet a dog, kiss a baby, spend some time making someone else’s day better and watch yourself rise out of the funk and hopefully find yourself in a clear headspace where you can positively respond to your stresses.

In conclusion, our peace comes from understanding what we can not control, changing what we can, and leaving the rest up to God!



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