The Attraction of Spies


Why do people find spies interesting? Anything related to James Bond, Mission Impossible, and other spying movies or books seem to be popular no matter what the market is like. People will flock to theaters, adopt a spy persona, and real deeply about both mythical and real spies alike. So why the big attraction?

Is it the music? That spy movie soundtrack is usually killer and has the best instrumentals that just build suspense in listeners bodies. For instance, the original James Bond theme song has the best trumpet and blasting sound, with short, quiet build ups. It makes any viewer wish they were James Bond in the moment of the scene. Spy movie songs generally have the same type of setup in terms of pattern and instruments used, which make them so recognizable universally. As soon as you hear the initial start, you can pretty much guess that a spy movie is coming up.

Aside from the soundtrack, spy movies portray only the most evicting lifestyles to viewers. Everybody wants to at least once be on the verge of danger by hand of a rival country and spy group. They want to suit up and chase the car speeding by them in their own expensive, gadget-equipped sports car while keeping steady aim trying to take out they target. It is seen in every and any spy movie.

Moving into real life, people just want to say – or rather, NOT say – that they are in the CIA or a similar spy group. They must keep their identities closed at all times to the outside world, which is part of the excitement in it.

Spies have a stigma associated with the, of being the smartest of the smart, the strongest of the strong, and the overall best of the best. Few occupations require one to be so quick on their feet – both physically and mentally. To be in the rank of a professional spy entails that you are so specially equipped an qualified that you can literally handle anything that comes your way. From another spy group’s attack to a clandestine stealth mission that requires breaking and entering, to decoding clues and foreign languages, or even hacking, you can theoretically┬ádo it all.

If you’ve never had an urge to become a spy in real life, you need to check out any James Bond movie. This will display the glamor possible being a spy of such caliber. However, in real life, the spy game is very different. There are much less field workers (spies) than there are workers in the lab, such as engineers, economists, and linguists. This may not seem as glamorous as the typical image of James Bond, but that is what the world has transformed into today.

Regardless, everybody has that one nerve pulling at them to do something crazy occasionally and test their hands in the spy game. Some find themselves in real life situations that may require spy tactics for survival or for practicality, while others may set up certain situations to simulate spying occurrences. Kids will likely play spy games outside (and video games) to test their skills and have fun with it. There’s a spy deep inside everybody, as the inspiration comes from one place or another.

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