Speak it!



Know your Power!

So you just speak that thing,,

And your see it coming to fruition,, you see how fast December came? How long do you think it week be until April? Your going to stay witnessing the markets TURN UP and trickle up and back and see the spikes up, all well be posting that this thing was done,, everyone has paces to run this race,,, and even through the ups and downs, it will come to pass,, and we are immovable in our heavenly father,, that I know that I know,, that we hang in there,, once we get to our very first portion on our first line,, watching the bounce like a basketball…


Once it bounces off the 200 higher levels,,

investing by double,, every hundred pips,, it’s going all the way up to 41,,

On that pamm acct will go all the way..

All the way,, set the buy limits,, you witnessed it,, we already know what it’s going to do,,, it could tap 107– not a bad place to be in this journey,,, so just hold on,, and HUSTLE!!!

Hearing the song Marvelous,,,

The price you paid was worth it,, through,, so you have your only,, son,,

Thank you Jesus

Flow from the 107,,,

Filled out the 1003

Sent through tomorrow,,,

Call recording is off,, already banking positions,, when you put in that position in 107,,, where going to leave it there,,,

Treat it as position number one,, were going to use the other position as number one,,

And now,, what this means,, the move of it,,, the rhythm of the business,, the lyric of the flow,, the dance of the pip shots,, the chance to clarify and relate to the infinite flow of divine intervention in my creative intentions,,

Behold my anger and my fury shall be poured out upon this place,,

Jeremiah 7:20

Therefore thus saith the Lord God; behold my anger and my fury shall be poured out upon this place, upon man, and upon beast, and upon the trees of the field, and upon the fruit of the ground; and it shall burn and not be quenched,

Yes,, I receive! And follow through with discipline and actions to flow into a special kind of focus,, that can only stem from,,, the overcoming of deep passion and pain,,

Because all I want to be is in the light,, the disease of self,,

What’s really going,, I’m not cool with what I’m seeing in the natural,, until honesty becomes me,, it’s inside of me,,the need of a saviour,, and his limitless Grace,,,

There’s no other place I’d be, unless it’s maybe here to use this dope pool remodeling service,, because this place did whatever it was right to get into what’s happening here,, so salute and respect,,

Feeling so alive,,

living on the inside,, roaring like a Lion,,, rising like dry bones in the valley an exceeding great army,, I’m lay in your Freedom let heaven Roarrrr Jesus!

And send my Queen down,,

I burn an intense fire of love for her,,

And I don’t mind if the world knows,,


Oh wait,, this happens often right? It’s actually enjoyed other times here






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