What has to be heard…?

What has to be said…?

What has to be done…?

The words, jumbled in my mind… flowing from a focused disposition,,

Leaving me in a poetic space, ready to make sense of the madness, contemplating bigger, better, more extravagant realities.

How dare you,,

But those who dare, are the ones crazy enough to actually do,,,

Let it out,, let the mass of unidentified emotions surface through this means of expression,,

Truly my soul waiteth upon my God, I shall Not be greatly moved,


Unswervingly on my premises, My God is my refuge..

My life is blessed, as my freedoms come from discipline and focus.

But somehow, it all makes sense, even when it doesn’t.

Do other eyes find their way to this outpouring of my inner thoughts?

Does this space that I’m in even relate to others?

That’s not for me to worry about, all I need is to keep pressing it out.

What is faith?

Do I observe the substance of things hoped for? Or the evidence of things unseen in my life?

How much do I have to give?

The nature of my walk is to commit to giving and serving without expectation of earthly reward and recognition.

But do these things deter my focus?

Resilience in the face of resistance, persistence in the face of pressure, faith in the face of failure.

There is something bigger at hand, I need to remember… But wait.. I wanted a piece of that one. Nevertheless here I am where I’m supposed to be.

“Oh My” I’m shaking my head

Don’t get lost, caught up where the need is not there.

My faith is in God alone.

I remember the old days, I’m getting there, I look forward to meeting my future.

But why? Not the same reasons as before.

The house built on solid rock that stands the test of time.

Not settling for anything else otherwise…

Going up^

And coming back,,

Now that’s better…

Becoming more at ease with what is because it’s setting up for what will be.

Staying focused through the apparent confusion, walking upright.

This is another dimension in this journey, always speaking vision about pioneering, now actually traveling in uncharted territories.

What do You See?

Is there something special to surface from this chapter?

Let my heart only speak truth..

Realizing that there is always a plan, for everything, made by a master plan orchestrator.

Time is a gift, and a very limited factor, you can buy almost anything either in physical stores, or on online resources like this…

But you can never buy more time, so what does it take to reconfigure our relationship with the ever so precious time that we are blessed to have?

As we are staying focused… it’s all happening as it’s meant to…

How can I use my current resources to become more efficient in my endeavours?

That’s always a good question to ask, never sacrificing the standard of quality and excellence.

But understanding that while patience is a virtue, time word for no man.

I just want the rivers of living water to unconsciously flow from the spirit of Jesus Christ living within me into this world that needs it.

For who is God save the Lord? Or who is a rock save our God? It is God who girdeth me up with strength and makes my way perfect.

When unc asked me if I was a warrior, I needed to realize that I do identify with that image.


Some things need to be protected, need to be guarded. There’s nothing out there for me, I’ve been there before.

I’ve been here before. But this time it’s different.

But now as I bring this ship in for a landing, I chose to continue building the new without a shred of fight to tear down the old.

Progress is the only option, but it’s also possible, if it’s cultivated in a harmonious environment.

I really don’t mind sacrificing temporary comfort and instant gratification for a long term reward.

The understanding of paying the cost to be the boss can only be earned through experience.

Focus, believe, breathe, and pick this back up later..

What was here before I got here? This!

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