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Hello! My name is Khalid Everson! Welcome to my blog, where we will be writing about any topic pretty much, but mostly with a focus on music. Music can be any popular music today, older or classical music, throwback jams, and anything in between!

I have a background in production of music as well and was moved t begin this blog to bring greater awareness to the wonderful world of music and development.

I’ve accrued experiences from my assortment of different travels throughout America working with different bands and participating in a wide range of conventions and expoes related to anything from the origins of music into the affects of its frequencies and melodies onto the listener.

I’ve been heavily impressed by many different types of genres, and styles as well of personal encounters that will be reflected in the writing and reflections that you will read inside of this canvas of my life.

I’ve learned that absolutely nothing is impossible if you believe and I continue to grow older and stretch out add my appetite for expression increases to benefit my increasing band of followers and supporters who have been rallying with me from the off set of this trek into musical exploration and beyond.

You will also be reading topics intertwined with my personal beliefs and revelations that I have grown to understand and am blessed to be able to offer for your contemplation.

Whether I’m drawing from my entrepreneurial endeavours or my lessons from family growing into a father and leaning from the mistakes that have I witnessed growing up.

You will be able to come along side through the good times and the bad times as well as through my mental releases if ideas and inspirations that surface when I get into my special zone of writing.

Throughout my life, I’ve also accumulated a few businesses that I would highly recommend to my followers and well be periodically shared among my rants, speeches, and exploits as we buckle up and journey together as family and do business together for your reading, growth, and hopefully education as well.


Khalid Everson

Here we go!