A Gift!


What is a gift?

With the holiday season upon us, the season that many associate with the act of giving and receiving gifts, I believe it would be beneficial for us to consider what it means to have a gift.

I believe the gift is an expression of love care and affection from one person to another.

It’s one thing to know a person and to tell them with your words with its another form of expression when you are able to show them with gifts.

There’s actually a book that is all centered around the thought of different love languages such as verbal such as time spend such as touching such as giving and receiving gifts.

Gift giving and receiving should be rooted out of the love and understanding that we have for each other not measured by only be the financial and materialistic component.

I can remember times growing up when I didn’t fully understand the gift of giving gifts, And I remember getting coming into issues in a relationship that I was in due to the fact that I didn’t fluently speak the love language that she spoke and was accustomed to in her life growing up.

It wasn’t like that then I could just call and tell her that we could just get out of the house of the pool and always have a Pool Remodeling company come and keep it boss flew status for us,, haha

It is rather difficult for myself to have this narrative and conversation about gifts without bringing it around to the greatest gift that I believe that has been given to myself and the rest of mankind.

An undeserved gift yet given with love which is the center of the essence of why we are able to celebrate the holidays in this time of year anyway.

It is a gift called Grace!

How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me..

I’m sure we’ve all heard the song and the sayings and even the word before, But I firmly believe that it is impossible to fully comprehend the magnitude that defines this wonderful gift of Grace.

We live in a fast-paced instant results microwave result-driven Society & culture, In an information digital age where people are going more and more accustomed To the gifts but forsaking the gift giver.

See I don’t know about you but as for myself, I’d rather be connected to the source Of infinite an endless supply then just wait and be dependent on whenever it decides to show up.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying you can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, But if you teach him how to fish he will eat for a lifetime.

So as we are preparing for our shopping and our holidays time spent with family, Let us take note and take stock of the gifts that we already have in our life first.

So many are without the things that we take for granted so would love for us to be grateful for life health and strength food clothing for shelter for provision.

For these many things as well as the gift that we have called time. And as we understand that our time is a gift we are able to treat it as such and value it as such.

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