A Gift!


What is a gift?

With the holiday season upon us, the season that many associate with the act of giving and receiving gifts, I believe it would be beneficial for us to consider what it means to have a gift.

I believe the gift is an expression of love care and affection from one person to another.

It’s one thing to know a person and to tell them with your words with its another form of expression when you are able to show them with gifts.

There’s actually a book that is all centered around the thought of different love languages such as verbal such as time spend such as touching such as giving and receiving gifts.

Gift giving and receiving should be rooted out of the love and understanding that we have for each other not measured by only be the financial and materialistic component.

I can remember times growing up when I didn’t fully understand the gift of giving gifts, And I remember getting coming into issues in a relationship that I was in due to the fact that I didn’t fluently speak the love language that she spoke and was accustomed to in her life growing up.

It wasn’t like that then I could just call and tell her that we could just get out of the house of the pool and always have a Pool Remodeling company come and keep it boss flew status for us,, haha

It is rather difficult for myself to have this narrative and conversation about gifts without bringing it around to the greatest gift that I believe that has been given to myself and the rest of mankind.

An undeserved gift yet given with love which is the center of the essence of why we are able to celebrate the holidays in this time of year anyway.

It is a gift called Grace!

How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me..

I’m sure we’ve all heard the song and the sayings and even the word before, But I firmly believe that it is impossible to fully comprehend the magnitude that defines this wonderful gift of Grace.

We live in a fast-paced instant results microwave result-driven Society & culture, In an information digital age where people are going more and more accustomed To the gifts but forsaking the gift giver.

See I don’t know about you but as for myself, I’d rather be connected to the source Of infinite an endless supply then just wait and be dependent on whenever it decides to show up.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying you can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, But if you teach him how to fish he will eat for a lifetime.

So as we are preparing for our shopping and our holidays time spent with family, Let us take note and take stock of the gifts that we already have in our life first.

So many are without the things that we take for granted so would love for us to be grateful for life health and strength food clothing for shelter for provision.

For these many things as well as the gift that we have called time. And as we understand that our time is a gift we are able to treat it as such and value it as such.

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Speak it!



Know your Power!

So you just speak that thing,,

And your see it coming to fruition,, you see how fast December came? How long do you think it week be until April? Your going to stay witnessing the markets TURN UP and trickle up and back and see the spikes up, all well be posting that this thing was done,, everyone has paces to run this race,,, and even through the ups and downs, it will come to pass,, and we are immovable in our heavenly father,, that I know that I know,, that we hang in there,, once we get to our very first portion on our first line,, watching the bounce like a basketball…


Once it bounces off the 200 higher levels,,

investing by double,, every hundred pips,, it’s going all the way up to 41,,

On that pamm acct will go all the way..

All the way,, set the buy limits,, you witnessed it,, we already know what it’s going to do,,, it could tap 107– not a bad place to be in this journey,,, so just hold on,, and HUSTLE!!!

Hearing the song Marvelous,,,

The price you paid was worth it,, through,, so you have your only,, son,,

Thank you Jesus

Flow from the 107,,,

Filled out the 1003

Sent through tomorrow,,,

Call recording is off,, already banking positions,, when you put in that position in 107,,, where going to leave it there,,,

Treat it as position number one,, were going to use the other position as number one,,

And now,, what this means,, the move of it,,, the rhythm of the business,, the lyric of the flow,, the dance of the pip shots,, the chance to clarify and relate to the infinite flow of divine intervention in my creative intentions,,

Behold my anger and my fury shall be poured out upon this place,,

Jeremiah 7:20

Therefore thus saith the Lord God; behold my anger and my fury shall be poured out upon this place, upon man, and upon beast, and upon the trees of the field, and upon the fruit of the ground; and it shall burn and not be quenched,

Yes,, I receive! And follow through with discipline and actions to flow into a special kind of focus,, that can only stem from,,, the overcoming of deep passion and pain,,

Because all I want to be is in the light,, the disease of self,,

What’s really going,, I’m not cool with what I’m seeing in the natural,, until honesty becomes me,, it’s inside of me,,the need of a saviour,, and his limitless Grace,,,

There’s no other place I’d be, unless it’s maybe here to use this dope pool remodeling service,, because this place did whatever it was right to get into what’s happening here,, so salute and respect,,

Feeling so alive,,

living on the inside,, roaring like a Lion,,, rising like dry bones in the valley an exceeding great army,, I’m lay in your Freedom let heaven Roarrrr Jesus!

And send my Queen down,,

I burn an intense fire of love for her,,

And I don’t mind if the world knows,,


Oh wait,, this happens often right? It’s actually enjoyed other times here








What has to be heard…?

What has to be said…?

What has to be done…?

The words, jumbled in my mind… flowing from a focused disposition,,

Leaving me in a poetic space, ready to make sense of the madness, contemplating bigger, better, more extravagant realities.

How dare you,,

But those who dare, are the ones crazy enough to actually do,,,

Let it out,, let the mass of unidentified emotions surface through this means of expression,,

Truly my soul waiteth upon my God, I shall Not be greatly moved,


Unswervingly on my premises, My God is my refuge..

My life is blessed, as my freedoms come from discipline and focus.

But somehow, it all makes sense, even when it doesn’t.

Do other eyes find their way to this outpouring of my inner thoughts?

Does this space that I’m in even relate to others?

That’s not for me to worry about, all I need is to keep pressing it out.

What is faith?

Do I observe the substance of things hoped for? Or the evidence of things unseen in my life?

How much do I have to give?

The nature of my walk is to commit to giving and serving without expectation of earthly reward and recognition.

But do these things deter my focus?

Resilience in the face of resistance, persistence in the face of pressure, faith in the face of failure.

There is something bigger at hand, I need to remember… But wait.. I wanted a piece of that one. Nevertheless here I am where I’m supposed to be.

“Oh My” I’m shaking my head

Don’t get lost, caught up where the need is not there.

My faith is in God alone.

I remember the old days, I’m getting there, I look forward to meeting my future.

But why? Not the same reasons as before.

The house built on solid rock that stands the test of time.

Not settling for anything else otherwise…

Going up^

And coming back,,

Now that’s better…

Becoming more at ease with what is because it’s setting up for what will be.

Staying focused through the apparent confusion, walking upright.

This is another dimension in this journey, always speaking vision about pioneering, now actually traveling in uncharted territories.

What do You See?

Is there something special to surface from this chapter?

Let my heart only speak truth..

Realizing that there is always a plan, for everything, made by a master plan orchestrator.

Time is a gift, and a very limited factor, you can buy almost anything either in physical stores, or on online resources like this…

But you can never buy more time, so what does it take to reconfigure our relationship with the ever so precious time that we are blessed to have?

As we are staying focused… it’s all happening as it’s meant to…

How can I use my current resources to become more efficient in my endeavours?

That’s always a good question to ask, never sacrificing the standard of quality and excellence.

But understanding that while patience is a virtue, time word for no man.

I just want the rivers of living water to unconsciously flow from the spirit of Jesus Christ living within me into this world that needs it.

For who is God save the Lord? Or who is a rock save our God? It is God who girdeth me up with strength and makes my way perfect.

When unc asked me if I was a warrior, I needed to realize that I do identify with that image.


Some things need to be protected, need to be guarded. There’s nothing out there for me, I’ve been there before.

I’ve been here before. But this time it’s different.

But now as I bring this ship in for a landing, I chose to continue building the new without a shred of fight to tear down the old.

Progress is the only option, but it’s also possible, if it’s cultivated in a harmonious environment.

I really don’t mind sacrificing temporary comfort and instant gratification for a long term reward.

The understanding of paying the cost to be the boss can only be earned through experience.

Focus, believe, breathe, and pick this back up later..

What was here before I got here? This!

The Diamond in the Rough


Is stress bad?

I can think of many times when the situations around me seemed insurmountable, maybe you can relate?

It turns or that no matter where you are in life, there will be pressures that you have to inevitably face and overcome. That’s part of growing up in life.

Maybe you spent all day getting ready for a much anticipated event and you get a flat tire on the highway, although you could easily call a reputable towing service such as http://www.novitowing.com, it could still potentially put a damper on your day

Maybe you can reflect back on a time on some of the best things that happened to you in life, I’ve found from personal experience that new plateaus of growth and opportunity usually stem from time spent outside of your comfort zone.

As we can use the analogy of the diamond that undergoes pressure to be birthed from it’s raw stages, into a brilliant radiant beacon of beauty and reflective light, so can we also realize that no matter the situation, it can be used to further refine our lives.

How do you deal with stress?

I firmly believe that everyone can find their own unique way to deal with their life’s difficulties.

One inevitable reality that we have to consider when having this discussion is that we have to realize is that we will have to evaluate the company we keep and those we spend our precious time with.

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular adage “Misery Lives Company”

Well it’s absolutely true, you can’t expect to effectively deal with your pressures in life if you are consistently keeping company with those who are miserable, therefore engaging in negative conversation that deflates your spirits and keeps your mind in a negative cycle.

Another factor that has helped me, is unplugging from the fast pace of life and it’s responsibilities and spending time meditating either in silence or while listening to my music jams.

Music is So powerful as it has the ability to move our hearts, minds, and emotional state, therefore potentially clearing our thoughts enough to be creative and proactive about whatever the situation is that caused stress.

Another often overlooked factor is dealing with stress that I’ve observed in life, is that we have to take care of our bodies and make it priority to feed it proper nourishment, drink adequate water, and show ourselves to rest properly.

Which brings me to my next point…

Is Your Life Set up To Stress Out?

So many times I’ve either talked to other individuals, or checked myself in my own life and found that we live in culture that makes it so easy to fill our lives with doing this,,, going there,,, being that,,, that we can realize that we are sacrificing peace of mind and a healthy balance.

Spend time with your family, show somebody some love, pet a dog, kiss a baby, spend some time making someone else’s day better and watch yourself rise out of the funk and hopefully find yourself in a clear headspace where you can positively respond to your stresses.

In conclusion, our peace comes from understanding what we can not control, changing what we can, and leaving the rest up to God!



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The Attraction of Spies


Why do people find spies interesting? Anything related to James Bond, Mission Impossible, and other spying movies or books seem to be popular no matter what the market is like. People will flock to theaters, adopt a spy persona, and real deeply about both mythical and real spies alike. So why the big attraction?

Is it the music? That spy movie soundtrack is usually killer and has the best instrumentals that just build suspense in listeners bodies. For instance, the original James Bond theme song has the best trumpet and blasting sound, with short, quiet build ups. It makes any viewer wish they were James Bond in the moment of the scene. Spy movie songs generally have the same type of setup in terms of pattern and instruments used, which make them so recognizable universally. As soon as you hear the initial start, you can pretty much guess that a spy movie is coming up.

Aside from the soundtrack, spy movies portray only the most evicting lifestyles to viewers. Everybody wants to at least once be on the verge of danger by hand of a rival country and spy group. They want to suit up and chase the car speeding by them in their own expensive, gadget-equipped sports car while keeping steady aim trying to take out they target. It is seen in every and any spy movie.

Moving into real life, people just want to say – or rather, NOT say – that they are in the CIA or a similar spy group. They must keep their identities closed at all times to the outside world, which is part of the excitement in it.

Spies have a stigma associated with the, of being the smartest of the smart, the strongest of the strong, and the overall best of the best. Few occupations require one to be so quick on their feet – both physically and mentally. To be in the rank of a professional spy entails that you are so specially equipped an qualified that you can literally handle anything that comes your way. From another spy group’s attack to a clandestine stealth mission that requires breaking and entering, to decoding clues and foreign languages, or even hacking, you can theoretically do it all.

If you’ve never had an urge to become a spy in real life, you need to check out any James Bond movie. This will display the glamor possible being a spy of such caliber. However, in real life, the spy game is very different. There are much less field workers (spies) than there are workers in the lab, such as engineers, economists, and linguists. This may not seem as glamorous as the typical image of James Bond, but that is what the world has transformed into today.

Regardless, everybody has that one nerve pulling at them to do something crazy occasionally and test their hands in the spy game. Some find themselves in real life situations that may require spy tactics for survival or for practicality, while others may set up certain situations to simulate spying occurrences. Kids will likely play spy games outside (and video games) to test their skills and have fun with it. There’s a spy deep inside everybody, as the inspiration comes from one place or another.